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   Welcome to The K6BEN Repeater System. Thanks for stopping by.

   Now that you are here, take a look at our repeater system and remote bases.

   We are located on 443.125, 441.275, and 224.46  MHz with a 123 PL.

   These systems are back to back: 443.125 and 224.46. Both systems can

   be linked to 441.275 MHz on Loma Prieta. Our ATV Repeater is located on

   Loma Prieta, elevation is 3,864 feet . The input is 1255 and 910 MHz, the

   output is 427.25 MHz. Look for our station on cable channel 58 with a vertically

   polarized beam looking towards Loma Prieta. Talk-in frequency is 145.51

   simplex - Also 443.125 and 224.46 can be linked at anytime.

   Our weekly net is every Wednesday at 8:30 PM. Check in during our net, from       

   The South Bay Area, Monterey and Santa Cruz. Visitors are welcome.

   Our luncheon meetings are held every third Saturday of the month at 11:00 AM

   Location: Sam’s Barbeque at 1110 South Bascom Ave in San Jose.

   Come see us and have fun on ATV.     



   W2NYC / K6BEN






      Welcome to K6BEN Repeater System

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